God. Abba. Father.

We will sing of your great love forever. Both today and for future generations. We will never cease to tell of your greatness, of your wonder, of your splendor. We marvel at your creation! No one is as loving and faithful as you are!

Thank you that your promises are true and just. Thank you for assuring the people of Israel that one of David’s sons will always occupy the throne in The Land. Thank you for choosing David to shepherd the people of Israel. His stories of humble beginnings, faithful service, and the ways you delivered him and sustained him are always encouraging to us. We echo his decrees: “You are our Rock! We find shelter and safety in you, our Savior!”

There is none like you, oh God. You rule over the winds and the oceans, the heavens, and the earth. After your love for your children, we thank you that righteousness and justice and love and truth are the things you value most.  Blessed are your children who proclaim your praises. We are happy and filled with great joy. Your power sustains us, makes us strong and vibrant!

Thank you for being steadfast, our firm foundation. We cannot be moved when our roots are firmly planted deep in you. Somedays, we think you are silent. We look for you but cannot find you. Yet, we know that you are always with us. Even when you are quiet. You are in the creation all around us. We are reminded that you speak through your Word, which is always present. You have spoken since the Beginning. Your word remains active for Eternity.

So, we praise your name. Forever!

Through Jesus!



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