God. Abba. Father.

We rejoice for you have always been our shelter, our home. Before time began, you were, and you are the One True God. We worship you today.

Compared to our life’s journey, time is so different for you. To you, a single day and a thousand years are the same. You have numbered our days. We are born. We die. In the days before you gave the world your son, most who walked the earth feared your anger each day of their lives. Today, thanks to your favor, we know that our life is an eternal life. Our time on earth is just the beginning of forever for each one of us.

Teach us to make every day count. Let us celebrate you each morning with joy! Let us count our blessings today. Let us look with gratitude on the days we have lived. Like the ocean waves that never cease, let us remember your great love continues to us through our life experiences, our family and friends, to our times of worship to you, our great King. And, your faithfulness will extend throughout all eternity. We confess that it’s difficult for us to get our head around that, but we trust you and we look forward to an endless season in your presence.

We ask that you give us happiness and true joy today, and for the rest of our days on earth, as we trust in you. We pray you will show us your power and your unfailing love. Treat us with kindness. May the work of our hands bring you glory. Give us your peace.

Through Jesus, we pray.


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