God. Abba. Father.

Today we pray for Zion and the city of Jerusalem. Your word says this city is the most favored of all the cities in Israel… even in all the world.

In your perfect plan, Jerusalem is highly favored among all cities of the world. We pray that you will strengthen the people of the City of David. It is a joyful place! Even today, to see children being celebrated for their faith at the Wall is such a joyous event. Bless those families.

Bless the City Gates of Jerusalem. May all who enter be blessed. Bless the mighty and sturdy walls. May all who walk by them be strengthened and protected.

Thank you for the many miracles your Son performed within its walls. Thank you for healing the lame and restoring the broken-hearted, and for welcoming those whom others had rejected. Thank you for standing up for what is right and true and just. And thank you for laying your life down, and then, for rising again in this beautiful city, oh Jerusalem!  

We pray for peace within your city, Oh God. And as your peace is revealed to the people of the Land, may it also radiate to all the corners of the world. May your Kingdom come, on earth, to Israel, and to every other city on the globe. May your peace be revealed even in our homes, and our families this day.

There are many places where you knelt in this city of David. You knelt to comfort a scorned woman. You knelt to wash the disciples’ feet. You knelt to pray in the garden. And you fell to your knees as you were beaten and taunted… in that very city.

So, we bow before you to worship you and join you in praying for life and peace in Jerusalem.

We sing, we dance, we praise your name, Jesus!



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