God. Abba. Father.

We thank you today for the many truths proclaimed by the psalmist. You are the great I Am, the King above all kings. We give our lives to you. We trust you. Hear our prayer. Have mercy. Give us your joy.

Thank you for being so good to us. Your love and grace are always available to those who call to you. Yes, anytime we are anxious, or in trouble or distress, every time we pray, you answer. We place our confidence and hope and trust in you alone.

Why? Because there is none like you! No other god listens. No other god answers. No other god compares with you nor performs the miracles you do. We worship you, oh great King!

Teach us your ways. Give us the courage and discipline to follow as you lead. We desire that you be first in our heart. Always.

Thank you for watching over us and protecting us. You have saved us. You are tender and kind. Indeed, you are slow to anger, patient, and compassionate towards us. You only have our best in mind. Give us the strength we need for today. Thank you for caring for us. You are our Father.

Show us your great love today. May those all around us see first-hand that you love us. May they also be encouraged today. Thank you for always comforting us with your grace and giving us your peace.

Through Jesus.


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