God. Abba. Father.

Sometimes, it feels like we are the punchline for the world’s jokes. We who have faith. We who believe. We are often berated and humiliated. And some, God, are severely persecuted. Give them strength today, those who face physical harm and abuse because they have taken a stand on behalf of the Kingdom.

Pour out your wrath on those who want to bring your children down. You are famous for helping. Please send your mercy. Forgive us of our sins. Don’t let the pagan nations scoff and ask wryly, “where is your God?”

Yes! Let your mighty power save us! We will praise you and thank you. We will tell everyone of your wonderful love for us. From our generation to the next generation, we, your sheep, will proclaim the praises of our great shepherd!

His name is Jesus.

And it is in his name we pray.


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