God. Abba. Father.

Thank you for this story of the rocky relationship between you and your chosen people.

Thank you for the many who have gone before us and those who taught people who taught us of your ways. Give us strength and courage to continue to pass along our hope and faith to the next generation.

Your ways are holy and just. Your love is gracious, kind, and unconditional — even when your children are stubborn and selfish and finicky. Your word says that you kept forgiving their sin. Thank you that you keep forgiving our sin as well!

And thank you for choosing your king of Israel, David, in whose line Jesus ultimately came. We hear these stories of old and wonder of their significance to us. Yet, we have seen your grace and your power first-hand!  Just like the tribes who wandered in the desert. Just like King David experienced your forgiveness and mercy. Just like those who shared your love story with us.

Give us that same grace to proclaim your powerful truths to the next generation. We worship you, great King! We sing of your praises, today and always.!

In the name of your son, Jesus, who offers compassion in abundance to everyone.


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