God. Abba. Father.

Today we thank you for being right here. When we are in distress or in trouble, we cry out to you. Even at night, when we cannot sleep and our mind won’t stop racing with anxious thoughts of tomorrow, we remember your goodness. Some days, though, when you are silent, we wonder if you are listening, O God. We ask ourselves if this is the end? Have you forgotten us?

Then we remember again your goodness. Your mercy. Your love. Even the great things you have accomplished, just in our brief lifetimes. Yes, everything you do is right. There is no god that compares to you, great King. You alone work mighty miracles. You alone are the One True God who makes things happen.

You rescued your people from the mighty waters. Yes, when the ocean’s waves are towering, you are greater. When the thunder is deafening in the whirlwind, your voice bellows louder. Even when the earthquakes and lightning flashes in brilliance, you are more powerful. Heaven and earth obey your commands, for you are God.

You guide us through every storm of life. Like a shepherd tenderly treasures his sheep, you protect, you lead, you comfort, you care for each of us.

We thank and praise you. We reach our arms to you and take your strong, powerful hand. Thank you for leading us. Always. We trust you, God.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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