God. Abba. Father.

No doubt about it. You are good, so good to us!

But we confess, sometimes we miss it. When we see the wicked succeed, we sometimes wonder, “Why? Why do the arrogant and those who gain wealth via questionable means appear to not have a care in the world while we pinch pennies and do our best to keep our pride in check?”

In our hearts, we desire to never doubt your plans or your ways. Yet, when we see evil thrive, we wonder. Our goal is to only have praise on our lips for you. Create in us a pure heart, O God. Don’t let us turn to the left or to the right. And don’t let us worry or be consumed with the success of others. You have plans for us. We have a personal relationship with you. And how you bless each one of us is up to you. You are the One True God.

We know as we worship you that the path of those who don’t follow you will lead to destruction. No matter their success today.

You will bring your people back. You will continue to guide us by your Spirit. And you will lead us to glory. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for leading us. Truly, you are what we want most in this lifetime. Your ways. Your presence. Your peace. Your joy. Even when our bodies fail, you will be our strength for all eternity.

Yes, we choose you, O God. You are our protector and provider. We will tell the whole world, beginning with our friends, family, and neighbors, of your wonderful love and how gracious you are to us.

In Jesus’ name.


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