God. Abba. Father.

We thank you that you are our great and mighty King! We praise you! The whole earth is filled with your glory. You alone work miracles. Your name will never be forgotten. Your fame shines as bright as the noonday sun! Hallelujah to you, our God!

We also thank you for those who rule over us. The leaders of our land, the president, governors, senators, legislators, and mayors. May they all bring justice to their people. May they walk humbly before You. May they defend the afflicted and needy, the poor, the homeless, and the fatherless. Give them wisdom as they rule. And may they seek out your counsel to guide them.

Yet, mighty God, we pray that you will be the One to meet all our needs. You are our great provider. We do not trust in the ways of men or women, but we trust in you and you alone. You are the one who genuinely cares for those who are down and out. You are the one who genuinely cares for the broken-hearted. You are the one who genuinely cares for the blind, the lost, and those who are entangled in the ways of the world. So, we cry out to you. Forgive us and free us from the bondage of our sin.

You are the wonder-working God. Let the earth and all who dwell in it sing praises to your holy name!

Through Jesus we pray.


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