God. Abba. Father.

Some days are just so overwhelming. We are sinking. And just when we make it back to where we feel like we can get some traction, we are defeated again. We have seasons where we are just burned out. We have cried until there are no more tears. Our head hurts from sobbing so much. Our eyes are blurry. We are devastated.

There are seasons where we just can’t get a break. People scheme to take us down for no reason at all. You know our real sins, God. Forgive us. But those lies others make up, gossiping and telling untruthful things about us, what are we to do? Sometimes even those we love the most don’t understand us or our devotion to you.  Lord, you are the all-powerful, the One True God. May those who trust in you, remain faithful. Our love for you is a deep, deep love.

Please answer us when we pray. Don’t let us sink back into the muck or the mire of the world’s evils. Save us. Don’t turn your face away from us. Respond with grace and love, quickly, please. Some days the scorn is quick and the insults flow freely against us. We are hurt and in pain. We need space for healing and to breathe. Please bring your wrath and judgment against those who come against you. But, please, Father, extend grace and mercy to those who are evil, for they don’t know what they do. May they cry out to you. And may you respond with the same unconditional love that you have offered to us.

We will praise you, Lord, Yahweh, with a thankful heart and a song on our lips. We know that you are pleased with our worship, even more so than when we offer sacrifices.

We thank you for having compassion for the homeless and people in prison. Yes, the poor will see your goodness and be glad! You never turn your back on the truly repentant.

The heavens praise you, God, as do the birds who fly through the air. So does the sea and all the fish who swim in it. So does the land, the mountains and plains, and the animals who run swiftly in the meadows and forests.

You are the God of redemption, restoration, and rebuilding. We thank you for redeeming us. We thank you for restoring us. We thank you for rebuilding our lives. Yes, you make all things new! We praise you today!

In Jesus’ name,


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