God. Abba. Father.

You are the great I Am. You have the power to destroy those who confront your holy ways. Scatter and confound those who are evil. As your children, we celebrate who you are with great joy!

Thank you for being the great protector and provider. You are the One who has stepped out of heaven in power to take care of the fatherless and the lonely. You have set the captives free from those things that hold them in bondage.

We thank you for leading each one of us through our own seasons of wilderness or desert. You are the One who takes us all by the hand to the Promised Land. You are one who refreshes. You are the one who is generous and kind.

We praise you, Lord, for you have graciously taken our burdens. We can live lightly and freely because of your grace. You are the God who saves.

We see the great procession of heaven. There are those who worship upfront. We know that it is worship that defeats those things that wish to defeat us… whether we are engaged in spiritual battles or in face-to-face skirmishes. So, we choose to sing, to pray, to give, to love, to serve, to worship. And we look forward to seeing you bring the victory. Even when we feel like you are silent, we trust that you are bringing us through with great joy.  

Show us your strength, oh God. Show us your glory. We give you the highest praise. We proclaim your great power and majesty. You are awesome! You are God.


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