God. Abba. Father.

Today’s prayer is very straightforward: save those who cry out to you. And, for those who refuse to bow before you? Confound their ways. Let them fall all over themselves.

We are reminded that we were once those who didn’t care about you, your people; or your holy or just ways. So, we thank you for the grace offered to us by Jesus. Oh, for the grace! We long for the prodigal family members, friends, neighbors, work associates, to come to know you personally. Our heart breaks for the ones who can’t see past their own selves or addictions. Take them to the bottom, quickly and gracefully, so they will finally look up to see your loving, outstretched arms of acceptance.

We worship and celebrate your holy name, because you are the God of fresh starts and multiple second chances. You are slow to anger and quick to forgive. Thank you.

You are the One who saves! You are our help and our deliverer. We ask that you will protect us and rescue us from those who desire our downfall. Thank you for saving us. Thank you that our salvation is assured, because of Jesus.

And it is in His name we pray.


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