God. Abba. Father.

You are our God. We can’t get enough of you. Like being thirsty on a hot summer day, our heart longs for fellowship with you. We seek your face in every moment of our day today.

We have seen your power and majesty and might. Your love is generous and fulfilling. We praise you with our lips. We praise you with every breath. We praise you with our arms. We live in your great love for us.

This morning, as we awoke, we thought of you. Tonight as we go to sleep, we will think of you again. You are a very present help, so we sing to you. We run and play and work freely because of you. You hold us steady, like an anchor in a perilous storm. We are safe because you are close.

We rejoice in you and in the unique and holy ways that define you. Yes, we praise you! For you are the King. Jesus is the King. The Holy Spirit is our King.


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