God. Abba. Father.

We rejoice in the safety we find in you today. You are our One and Only. Every good gift we have comes from you. Since you are the firm foundation of our lives, we will never be shaken.

Some days, however, we feel like people are out to get us. They take delight in lies; they assault with gossip. Even when they pronounce blessings with their lips, they are cursing with their hearts.

So, we won’t listen to them. No, our soul finds rest and peace only in You. You alone are the mighty rock that keeps us safe. We trust in you, our refuge.

Our prayer today is that each of our friends and family will do the same… that they would find peace and rest by trusting in you, oh God. We will not trust in man or woman or in their ways. We will not trust in our material possessions or finances or jobs or people — even jobs and people we love. No, our help, our glory, our eternal trust is found in the comfort of the One True God.

We thank you that our strength comes from you, Father. Yahweh, you are love. Love that never fails. And we humbly thank you that you give your good gifts to us all.

The greatest gift is your Son, Jesus. In whose name we pray.


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