God. Abba. Father.

Hear our prayer. Today we need to vent. It seems there are occasional times when the circumstances of our lives take us down and defeat us. It’s the cruelty of strangers or the deep wounds from a friend or even harsh insults from those we love the most. Please protect us. Guard our hearts. And please forgive us when we are actually those people to others. Yes, we know and confess that our minds can also be cunning and our tongues ruthless.

We choose to fall on our faces before you, oh God. We are in awe of who you are and your holy ways. We bow before you and proclaim the great works of your hand. It is good for us to ponder your righteousness and aspire, by your grace, to live a zealous life as your disciples.

We rejoice in you, Yahweh. We are glad and run to your arms. Thank you for blessing your people with peace and happiness. We celebrate you today!

In Jesus name,


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