God. Abba. Father.

Hear our prayer today. Some days we feel hopeless, our heart is weak, and we are down for the count. It can be an effort to get out of bed. So, we cry out to you from a place of weariness. Today we ask you to lead us to a safe place. A spot that is high and away from the noise of the day-to-day busyness of life. A location where we can rest in solitude and quiet, where we can be ourselves and just breathe, with no expectations or demands.

This is the place where we feel your love the most. This is the place in which we were born to dwell. This is the place where we come alive. It is here, Father, in your arms where we are blessed. This is our inheritance.

So, we worship you today great King! Please allow us to live long in this land so we might sing your praises, while we dwell here, and while we live with you forever. To you be the glory, oh God!

In Jesus name,


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