God. Abba. Father.

We thank you today that no matter the size of our foe, we can rest in your provision. Like the psalmist, we often feel chased by the enemies of unrealistic deadlines, projects that have more downs than ups, or people who expect way more than we can give. Sometimes our dreams are crushed by the hard realities of balancing budgets, chronic illnesses, or broken relationships. The pain can be unbearable and even suffocating. Sometimes it seems like we get a glimmer of hope, and then we are buried under the weight of our problems once again.

God, deliver us. We know that you love us and you will give us strength for today. Yes, you are our fortress, strong and mighty, dependable. And your resolutions to our angst are always in your perfect timing. We trust you. We thank you that you have sent your Son, Jesus to carry our burdens. So, we give them to you today.

And then, Father, we open our hands to receive all that you have for us in return. Peace. Rest. Grace. Joy. Hope.

We sing of your strength! We celebrate your love. You are our refuge in times of trouble. We can rely on you. Always. Thank you. Thank you.

In Jesus’ name.


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