God. Abba. Father.

You are the One we run to. Thank you for your mercy and grace. Today we proclaim that in You we can find shelter from the storms we face in life. You will keep us safe. We rest in your arms as a chick finds protection under the outstretched wings of a hen. You are our protector because you love us so – it’s greater than anything we can imagine. You are faithful and true.

You defend us, even from what might be the lions in our lives, people who chew up people for sport. You are with us. When our bosses and rivals and even family members wear us down with demands or insults, you are with us. We ask you to cover the earth with Your glory!

We thank you for bringing us victories, especially the victory over death itself. We will praise you always! We worship you in the morning. We worship you at midday. We worship you at sunset.

Your love is great. If one could measure it, it would be higher than Mt. Everest. And your faithfulness? It would extend way beyond the clouds. We cannot fathom how much you love us.

Except we know that you sent your Son Jesus to us. Because you love us. And it blows our minds. We humbly respond by telling you that we love you too. And we thank you. Yes, we thank you.

In Jesus’ name.


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