God. Abba. Father.

Be merciful to us. It seems that each day someone has something bad to say about us. Or worse. They attack with words and actions. Yet, even in those times, when we’re afraid or paralyzed, we will trust in your unfailing love. No one will harm us when we rest in the shadow of your wings.

We hear of people who don’t even know us but take our words and twist them to try to find fault with us. God, bring your righteous judgment. Yet, bring your grace as well.

Some nights we fall asleep in tears. We are comforted to be reminded that you count every single tear we shed. When our hearts are heavy, you are there. When we toss and turn during a sleepless night, you are there. When our mind wanders in self-doubt, you are there.

So, we praise you today. Your promises are true. We are fearless because you are with us. We thank you with all our hearts. You have kept our feet from stumbling. Yes, now we walk with you, side by side, following your path that leads to eternal life, with an eternal light, who is the Lamb of God. Even Jesus, our King.

In His name we pray.


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