God. Abba. Father.

When we read this Psalm, we are reminded of David’s son, Solomon, who wrote the Proverbs. We thank you for these nuggets of truth that speak to deep within our hearts and minds.

Thank you for the promise that we need not worry ourselves one bit about those who do evil, even those who appear to be successful, for their deeds, even they themselves, will fade away as the grass does in the winter. Lord, we proclaim today that we trust in You. We endeavor to live right before you and our neighbors. And we thank you for your promise that you will give us our heart’s desire as we honor and obey you.

We know this is not some magic formula. This is your plan and your way for us. We let you lead. We commit to you, trusting that because of your great love for us you will only lead us to those places that are good for our souls. We know that you will lead us to open pastures, clear and bright, like a beautiful spring morning. Today, we quiet our souls and our spirits before you. We wait patiently in faith. Help us to not fret or worry. We know that as we put our hope in you, we will enjoy all the fruits of a big harvest.

We choose today to live right before you. We would rather have you and poverty, that wealth gained unjustly. And we thank you that you give us all we have, all we need, even more than enough. We thank you for holding our hands when the way is unsure. We have confidence that you will steady our steps. Always.

Thank you for taking care of your children, oh King! Thank you for moving in us, and even through us, to bless others as you have blessed us. Thank you for the promise of your faithfulness! We thank you for defending us, even when others make false accusations against us.

We know we have a joy-filled future. Our best days are ahead of us because of the grace given to us by Jesus. May we be more like Him everyday — innocent and peace-loving.  We thank you for being with us. We can run to you in times of trouble and you will save us.

Through Jesus.


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