God. Abba. Father.

We honor you today. We offer only praise. We humbly ask you to forgive us when we are arrogant or talk in ways that are not honoring to you. We stand before you today and reject those things that are wrong. We turn to you.

Your love is faithful. It reaches as far as we can see – from the highest mountain peak to the deepest depth of the sea. Your decisions are just and fair. Your love is a treasure. It is priceless. We run to you to find shelter. You give us a feast to enjoy in your house when we are famished. We drink from unending rivers of living water when we are parched and thirsty. You open our eyes to see your brilliance in glorious light.

Lord, you never stop loving us. Thank you! And use us to welcome new hearts into your Kingdom. Protect us from those who are prideful and independent. They will fall in their selfish ways.

We open our hands and our hearts to you, Jesus. Always.


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