God. Abba. Father.

Today, we thank you for times of discipline, yes even times when your righteous anger is directed towards us. We thank you for seasons when we have gotten physically ill from disobeying your word. Those times are ultimately for your glory and our good as they draw us back to you.

Lord, we pray that such seasons might be few and far between. We pray for wisdom to obey you. We pray that we might remember times of anguish and look for your grace to overwhelm our weak bodies. We have walked through seasons when even our friends have turned their backs on us because of our sin. Forgive us. Forgive them.

Lord, we wait for you. We trust you to answer us in our distress. Lord, Yahweh, do not forsake us. Thank you for the promise that you are always near to us. Come quickly to our aid. Please hurry and help. You are the One True God. You are mighty to save. Thank you for your work of redemption in our hearts and our souls. We rest in your love. Forever.

And we thank you!

In Jesus’ name.


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