God. Abba. Father.

We praise you with all our hearts today, Lord! Even when we are afflicted or feeling helpless, we honor you, great King! We celebrate you and eagerly tell others of your faithfulness to us.

Whenever we need you, God, you are quick to squash our anxious thoughts and fears. We look to you, Father, and we are honest with you. When we were nothing, we prayed, and you saved us. You send your angels to protect us.

Every one of our senses — our sight, our vision, our hearing, our touch, even the things we taste — reveals your goodness to us. As we take refuge in you, we know we are blessed. We know that as we honor you, we will also have plenty. We thank you for the promise that as we trust in you, we will never miss out. Animals may go hungry, but we, your children will lack nothing.

We thank you for the promise that as we obey you, as we guard our tongues, as we do good and live in peace, you will watch over us, you will turn your ears to us. You are quick to rescue us. Even when we are discouraged and question the hope we have in you, you deliver us! We thank you that even when we are broken-hearted, you deliver us! You protect us all. You are our bodyguard.

We respect with caution that those who turn their backs on you will be punished. But those who take refuge in you will find freedom! Yes, when we run to you, we are saved.

Thank you!

In Jesus’ name.


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