God. Abba. Father.

Together with the angels in heaven, we shout praises to the Lord God! He is the glorious One! You, Father, are the glorious One!

We honor you, the great I Am, Yahweh. We stand in awe of the beauty of your creation. You are holy.

We can hear your voice raging over the oceans. We can hear your voice in the thunderous clouds above. We proclaim that to hear your voice is like a beautiful, harmonious symphony! At your command, trees break and mountains tremble. At your whisper, the mighty cedars shatter and the peaks jump like wild colts. It’s such a beautiful word picture to see all creation eager to respond to your loving summons. Even the lightning flashes and the deserts shake. All in your temple say: “Glory to Yahweh, Glory to the Most High!”

You, Lord, are high and lifted up. You reign from the Throne of Grace. You are in control of everything, the wind, the rain, the sun. You are even in control over pandemics and politics.

Thank you that we can count on you. We can trust you.

We are strong because of you. We can find the truest, purest peace at the end of your hand of blessing. We walk confidently in your strength and your shalom peace.

Thank you, Jesus!


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