God. Abba. Father.

Oh Lord, we join with David in praising your holy name today! You have saved us. You have lifted us from the depths. And the things that go against us do not succeed. You have given us one chance after the other. You have healed us and, more importantly, you have given us your grace and life eternal.

We sing to you. We honor your holy name. Help us to stay faithful to you so we can continue to praise you, great King. We thank you for your righteous anger that is displeased when people go against your ways. Yes, we thank you. And we rejoice that your love and your kindness are much more prevalent than your anger. There are some things in this life that will cause us weeping and sorrow. But each new day is a clean slate, with no mistakes in it. And so, we celebrate the dawn! We rejoice each morning!

We confess that there are days when we sometimes believe we can do our life on our own terms. And when we lift us up over you, we shouldn’t be surprised when you turn away, we shouldn’t be surprised when we bring calamity upon our own lives.

So, when that happens, and when we reverse course and cry out to you, you are so gracious and full of great mercy. When we have made poor choices and then seek your face, you have been our helper. Yes, you have turned our sorrows into joys! You have removed the garment of heaviness and filled our hearts with laughter and delight and life! So, we will not be silent. We will sing songs of great joy to your holy name. We can’t thank you enough! You are our Abba, our Father.

We raise our voices to you in great adoration. Because of Jesus, your Son and our Savior.


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