God. Abba. Father.

You are our rock. Everything else that matters to us pales in comparison. Our lives are built upon the sure foundation of your truths. Hear our prayer. Answer us when we call. We need to hear from you God, for we are lifeless without your voice. We lift our hands toward heaven and cry out to you.

Protect us from the cruel people who are two-faced, those who speak with a sweet tongue while plotting trouble. No, treat them as their hard hearts deserve. We ask you to bring your justice to those who refuse to bow before you. But, please, bring your grace and peace to those who turn to you.

Thank you for listening to our humble prayer. You are our strong shield. We know you are on our side. We trust in you and we thank you for helping us. Our hearts leap for joy and we sing praises to your holy name! You are our strength. You are our great shepherd, who guides us with compassion and leads us with care.

Thank you, Jesus!


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