God. Abba. Father.

We proclaim that you are our light and our salvation. There is nothing to fear. Ever! We say it again: You are our stronghold, you protect us. We are not afraid.

Even when bad things happen to us. Even when we are bullied by the circumstances of this world. It is those who are against us who will fall. Yes, even if armies surround us, even if disaster is on our doorstep, we trust in you and you alone, great King!

One thing we ask of you Lord: let us live in your presence all the days of our lives. Let us gaze deeply at your beauty and the wonder of your creation each day. We are confident that in times of trouble, you will protect us. You will provide shelter from any calamity. So, we will praise you from the highest peak! We will sing songs of joy to your name.

Hear us when we pray. Don’t hide your face from us. You alone keep us safe. Even if those we love deeply walk away from us, we know you will never leave us. You will take care of us.

Teach us, Lord, to follow your ways. Lead us along your straight and narrow path. Even when others tell lies about us, we know we can trust in your kindness and love. We know we can find your goodness and mercy, here in the land of the living.

We thank you for these, your words of counsel: “Trust in the Lord. Be brave and strong.” We thank you for this promise. We proclaim that we will trust in you, Abba. May we be courageous as your Spirit gives us strength.

Through Jesus, our Messiah.


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