God. Abba. Father.

We read this Psalm and we recall your Son who cried out these very words from the cross. And for us, as was true for David, when we feel like we are alone and far away, our spirits are reminded that we truly are never alone. Thanks to your Son, who breathed on us and sent the Holy Spirit, you are always with us. Thank you that these words remind us of your promise in Matthew 28:20 that you are with us always. Even when we are restless and consumed with anxious thoughts. Even when the day’s stresses carry over to our bed at night.

We agree with David in proclaiming that you are the holy God, ruling from your throne of Grace and praised by people around the globe. Thank you for stories of your faithfulness in previous generations. Thank you, God, that even when we cry out, as we trust in you, you save us, you do not let us down.

Some days we feel like we are nothing. Some days we feel like we are being stepped on by strangers and loved ones alike. Some days we feel like we are rejected and hated by everyone. We know that you do not reject us. You have loved us from the moment you conceived us in our mother’s womb. From the day we were born you have cared for us. You care for us now. You care for us today. Thank you.

We confess that some days we do not have the strength to get out of bed. Our bodies ache and our lips are parched. Lord, do not be far from us. Deliver us. Rescue us. We long to tell others the story of our deliverance. We long to report the good news of how you answered our prayers, how you healed our bodies, saved our marriage, brought our children to your grace, provided for all our needs. We will declare your goodness to the ends of the earth.

You are in control. You are the ruler of all the nations. Even today, when chaos and anarchy appear to reign. We trust in you. We bow down to your holy name and your holy name alone.

And to future generations, they too, will worship you and proclaim that you are the One True God. They will shout of the good things that you have done!

In Jesus and through Jesus.


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