God. Abba. Father.

Hear our prayer. Turn your ear toward us. Today, and anytime we are in distress, or in trouble, or in pain. Keep us safe. Send us your divine help from your holy mountain. Come to our rescue.

Accept our offerings of praise. Accept our sacrifices of time. Be pleased with our gifts.

Humbly, we ask that you might give us the desires of our hearts. May all our plans succeed. So that then we may celebrate you and shout for joy over all you have done for us. May we lift up your holy name! Please, God, hear our prayers. May we trust that you will work everything out for your glory and our good.

We trust you. You will save us. Not the things of our hands. We do not trust in machines or inanimate objects. We know that we will stumble and fall if we put our trust in the things of man. No, we will only trust in you. We proclaim that we will be strong and we will, by your grace, stand firm, as we trust in you and you alone.

We can be assured we will have the victory, we will have success, as you hear our cries and answer our prayers.

To God be the glory! In Jesus’ name.