God. Abba. Father.

We find refuge in you, Yahweh! When the world leads us to a dead-end, we can run to you for safety. You are the One True God. There is no other. We proclaim with humility, “Every good thing we have is a gift from you.” We declare that, indeed, nothing makes sense without you.

Your children are full of great joy deep within their souls. It is our delight to have friendships with others who follow your ways as disciples. We thank you for the connection we can have to share life in community. Together we state that we will not have any god but you, Lord. Forgive us when we miss the mark and prioritize other things over you.

You, Lord, Yahweh, are all we really want. From the depth of our heart we say, “You are our choice.” And we blush with humility to know that we are your choice first. You make our lives pleasant and fulfilling. Our future is bright. Our inheritance is secure.

We praise you for being our guide and our counselor. Even in the darkest night, your Word shines brightly along the path. You protect us from fear. And when we are afraid, you bring comfort and peace. We can safely rest in your arms. Our heart rejoices! We are happy from the inside out. You will keep us safe and secure, even death will not separate us.

You, only you, Lord, show us the path that leads to life, and life to the full. You are always near. You fill us with great joy. We’re smiling from ear to ear for we will be honored in your Kingdom!

But only because of the grace of Jesus, your strong right hand. In Him, we have eternal delight. In His name we pray.