God. Abba. Father.

Thank you for Jesus. It is only because of Him that you see us as innocent. Hear our prayers, Lord. Yes, only you say we are forgiven; only your eyes see what is right. Examine our hearts. You know that even during the night, when evil is more rampant, you know that we are pure in heart. We do what we can to speak positively and without malice. We do our best to follow your teachings and not grow weak or stumble.

Lord, we pray to you, the One True God, because we know that you listen to us. You help us when we call out to you. You turn your ear towards us. You turn your eyes to us as well. You show us the wonders of your grace and love. Your mighty right hand protects us as we shelter under the shadows of your outstretched wings of mercy and truth.

Our enemies would love to get the best of us, would love to defeat us, would love to thwart us from doing what is right. Their hearts are hard. They are determined to smear us in the dust of the earth. They hide, stalk, and crouch like a jungle animal. Rise up, Yahweh! Come to our defense. Defeat our foes. It is only by your hand that the necks of the wicked will be broken.

You give us more than enough. Our children and grandchildren too! Through the blood of the Lamb, the sacrifice by Jesus, we are without blemish as well. We are innocent. And one day, we will see you face to face. One day, we’ll see your kingdom come, on earth, as it is in heaven.

By the grace of the Messiah, in whose name we pray.