God. Abba. Father.

We wonder, “Who may dwell with you in Heaven?” Your Word says only those who obey you will get to walk with you. Only those who are blameless, who do what is right, who speak the truth, who do not lie, who fear and honor you and only you.

Oh, God, we thank you for your grace. For no one in their own spirit is capable of being without sin. There is only One. Your Son. And we thank you for His taking our sins to the cross. Because of Jesus, we can honor you, we can fear you, we can keep our promises, and love our neighbors.

You are holy. You have holy standards that include respecting you, keeping our promises no matter the cost, and being generous to all. We can stand firm in our actions as we rely on you and your Spirit alone. Help us today. Give us your strength. For we need you. Everyday.

In Jesus’ name.