God. Abba. Father.

Your Name is Wonderful! Your Name is Majestic! Your Name is Brilliant! Let your glory shine in every corner of the earth.

Thank you for the praises of infants. Their cooing and giggles release armies of angels. Thank you for the shouts of children. Their laughter drowns your enemies and silences the unbeliever. You have established your fortress through the lips of our children. Thank you!

Lord, when we look skyward, when we see your creativity unleashed in the clouds, the stars, the moon, we ponder, “Why? What is it about us? Why do you consider us? What is it about us that you find so encouraging?”

You made man, woman, the children, and infants to be just lower than the angels that serve at your throne. You shine your love and favor on us. And you’ve put us in charge of the earth, the flocks that graze in the lowlands, the wild beasts of the forests, even the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea. You have given them all to us.

You are amazing, O God! You are Yahweh, our Ruler. How majestic is your Name everywhere on earth!

We praise you, in Jesus’ name,