God. Abba. Father.

We praise you, Lord, Yahweh, with all our heart. We will tell the world about all your wonders, all your miracles, day after day. We celebrate, we rejoice, we sing praises. You are the One True God. The Most High God. There is none like you!

When our enemies see you, they stumble, they are destroyed. You are the great judge, your decisions are right and fair. You have upheld our cause. You have called out the godless nations for their unbelief. You will destroy the wicked. You will wipe out their names forever. The names of Your enemies and our enemies will be blotted out once and for all. Their cities will be torn down. Their memory a vapor.

You, O God, will rule forever from your great throne. Your judgment is true. You are just. You judge the world fairly. We thank you that the poor can run to you and find comfort in times of trouble. It doesn’t matter if they are poor in possessions or poor in spirit. We thank you that everyone who honors your name can trust you. You are faithful. Your home is a safe house where everyone can find rest. You will never forsake those who seek you.

We will sing about you to the nations, O Lord, Yahweh, because we desire everyone to know of your great love and mercy.  Thank you that you do not ignore the cries of the afflicted. You punish the guilty with justice.

Have mercy on us all, O God. Our enemies knock at our doors and mistreat us. Be kind to us. Keep us from the gates of death so that we may proclaim your praises everywhere we go. We rejoice in your gift of salvation.

Thank you that you will never forget about those who are poor and homeless. No, they will always find a place of rest in your home. They will always find true hope at your front door. For those who mistreat the poor and homeless, judge them for their evil ways. For the nations who turn their back on you and your children, shake them, God. Let them know just how weak they are and that they need you.

We confess that we need you too and we humbly pray in Jesus’ name,