God. Abba. Father.

Have mercy. May your grace shine on us. Please don’t correct me when you are angry. Show love and compassion. Have mercy and heal our body, for we are weary. We hurt. We are in deep distress. How long, Lord? How much longer? Come to our rescue, Father. Please. Show us your unfailing love. Save us. For if we die, we cannot proclaim your praises.

Some nights we are weary from the constant attacks, even as we sleep. Our pillow is soaked with tears and our bed from sweat. We cannot see for our eyes are weak because of our enemies.

We know you hear our anguish. Dismiss our enemies! They who hate us because we love you and trust you.

Thank you for turning your ears to our voice and your face to our eyes. Thank you for answering our prayer and our pleas for mercy.

Our enemies will be overcome with their guilt and shame. They will flee in complete disgrace. Thank you, Lord!

We open our hands and our hearts to you in Jesus’ name.