God. Abba. Father.

Listen, Lord. Shema! Please pay attention as our heart aches and our voice groans. You are our King! You are our God! Thank you for hearing our prayer each morning. You listen with love and grace. You hear our voice as we bring our requests to you and wait for your reply.

Again, Lord, we praise you for your holiness. Thank you that you have high standards. We worship and respect you because you are not pleased with evil. Lord, let us not be pleased with evil either.  Guide us, teach us in doing only what is right in your sight. Forgive us when we sin. Lord, please let us not boast in anything or anyone other than you and you alone! Thank you for destroying every liar. May we join with you in despising violence and deceit.

Nothing our enemies say or do is right or true. Punish them for telling lies and leading others into the path of destruction. Your word says that those who plot evil, those who commit crimes against you, their plans will bring about their own downfall.

Thank you that your plans lead to life. Thank you that all who run to you for protection, those who take refuge in you, will always sing for joy. Provide shelter for those who truly love you. Let them rejoice in your love.

Father, thank you for blessing those who live right. Thank you for shielding your children with kindness, favor, and grace.

We offer this prayer in Jesus’ name.