Psalm 148

God. Abba. Father.

We join with all creation today in praising you! We adore you. We honor you. We celebrate you. We admire you. We love you, Lord. You are the One True God. You have made everything in all creation.

We join with the stars, the sun, and the moon as they shine brightly proclaiming your governance over seasons. We accompany the clouds in singing your praises as they bring respite from the heat and give us water for our good. You made the heavens to last forever. Yet, we thank you for the promise that your Word, your Son, Jesus, will truly stand for all time.

We ponder the creatures of the sea and how they worship you with every wave of a fin. We are amazed at the strength of the tallest trees as they tower above the shrubs, their branches waving in adoration to you, their Creator. We see the animals of the forests as they live day by day. We thank you for our daily provision.

We stand with people of different backgrounds and races on the other side of the world who worship you. We are humbled to join your people everywhere, especially with those who speak or act differently than we do, as we all sing “Hallelujah!” We pray for unity among the nations. May we rejoice in both the things we have in common as well as the things that are different about each one of us. We are all your children. You have ordained that we all praise you, our Father and our God. Yours is the only name worthy of praise!

May there be peace in The Land. May there be peace in our hearts.

Thank you for loving us all.

Because of Jesus.


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