Psalm 144

God. Abba. Father.

We praise you today! Thank you for being with us, always! You are our rock, our fortress. You train us for life. You teach us how to succeed and how to persevere when we face adversity. We find safety and we rest securely in you, our refuge.

Sometimes we wonder why you care for us. The length of our lives, in the scope of eternity, is but a vapor. Yet, we were created in your image. We are all cherished in your sight. You love us unconditionally. You care deeply for us. Thank you.

Show your mighty strength to the nations. Show your power to every person. We know confidently that you will deliver us and rescue us when we are tied up by our sin or by those who oppose peace and grace. You came to set the captive free, to allow us to see the way you see, to heal the brokenhearted. We praise you!

Yes, we sing a new song to you, our great King! We find freedom in you alone! You will release us from the grip of those who tell lies. We seek your face. You are the way, and the truth, and the life!

We ask you to bless the next generation, our sons and daughters. May they flourish and be like mighty oaks, trees of righteousness. We open our hands and ask that you might bless us with every spiritual and physical blessing. You are our provider. You are our protector.

You are the One True God. We praise you. You are our King! We thank you! We are blessed.

Because of Jesus.


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