Psalm 145

God. Abba. Father.

It’s a new day to praise your name, oh great King! You are wonderful. You are faithful. You are great! You deserve all praise.

We pray for the generation that will follow us. And the next one. May they know you with awe and love and continue to tell the next generation of your faithfulness. As we walk about your creation, we see your glory and ponder the miracles we have witnessed in our lives. We pray for our children and their children. Be kind and generous to them. Bring them to a point where they worship you. Open their eyes to see your mercy. Open their hearts to receive your grace.

Thank you for being so compassionate to us all. You are patient with us, Lord. You are slow to anger. You love us and keep loving us, despite our failures and stubbornness. We want to be known as people who speak of your glory and power more than our own successes. We see beauty at your hands. We must tell others of your splendor!

We trust you, Father. You keep your promises. You help us up when we stumble. We ask you to meet our emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental needs today. Give us love, courage, and faithfulness in our families and marriages.

Everything you do is kind and right and is motivated by your love for us. We are humbled. When we seek you first, you give us the desires of our heart. When we ask for help, you are near. You take care of those who bow their knees to your loving grace.

We praise you! Our hearts are filled with joy. May every living creature praise your holy name.

We love you Jesus, our Messiah.


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