Psalm 142

God. Abba. Father.

We thank you for being with us today. Even if no one else is. When we are alone and our heart is full of worry and trouble, you are here to listen and comfort and guide us to the truth. You show us the way to go. You watch over our coming and our going. You care deeply for us. Thank you!

You are our hiding place. You are our safe place. Only you truly know us. You are our strength. Even when we are weary. Even when we are grumpy. Even when we feel trapped in our homes or in the perfect relationship or with the best job. Remind us today that Jesus came to free us all from those things that hold us back. Jesus came to heal our broken hearts. Jesus came to show us the way to see the truth. You are our rescuer, our lifeline. We grab onto your outstretched arm.

We will praise you and tell others of how you set us free, how you healed our hearts, and how you opened our eyes. You have given us friends that will celebrate and praise you with us. We rejoice in your blessings to us.

Because of Jesus.


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