God. Abba. Father.

Thank you for the plans you have for us. When we remember the ancient story of how you led your people out of captivity, we see your creative hand to demonstrate your glory and to increase our faith. You led your children to the edge of the sea, where there appeared to be no way out. But you made a way! You did something impossible. You parted the waters!

And our faith, thousands of years later, is made stronger because of what you did then. If you did something like that, we believe you will do it again, for your glory and our joy!

So today, we ask you for a miracle. Please, move in places where it seems impossible. Where there is illness, bring life. Where there is fear, bring courage. Where there is strife, bring peace. Where there is anxiety, bring joy. Where there is uncertainty, bring faith. Where there is despair, bring hope. Where there is hatred, bring love.

There is always a way forward when we take your hand. Thank you for leading us to this place. We need you. We will always need you.

We praise you and thank you!

In Jesus’ name.


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