God. Abba. Father.

We sing Hallelujah to you! We are humbled to be in your presence wherever we go. When we think of the multitudes of the past and all who will live in the future, we are counted among the blessed who sing your praises today. We thank you for the dawn. We are grateful for the sunset. We join with all creation in praising your name throughout time, every minute of this day!

You are lifted up, higher than anything! You provide more safety than any nation. You give compassion greater than any ministry or service organization made by humans. Thank you! There is nothing on earth that compares with you. Even in our most vivid imagination, we cannot truly see the majesty of your throne of grace.

Yet, you are the One True God who has reached into our world with love and care. Everything you create, you have a plan to redeem. We thank you for creating us and redeeming us. You have rescued each one of us! Thank you. Yes, in your economy, you take the poorest of the poor and seat them among kings. You care deeply for the homeless, the widow, the childless, the orphan. You give each of them what they need most. Love.

And we rejoice! Because it is through your great Love, through Jesus, that you have provided all we have and all we need. Life. Life. And more life!

We love you in return as much as we can humanly love you, oh God.

We thank you for Jesus. We sing Hallelujah this day.


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