God. Abba. Father.

We sing praises to you, oh Lord, Yahweh! We are thankful for your Word. We celebrate your blessings to us as we embrace your truths and your teachings. We pray for our children and our grandchildren today. May they be filled with your Spirit and reflect your strength and grace to all. We ask that you bless them as they honor you. Give them, and us, generous hearts. May we be people of compassion, mercy, and justice. May we point people to you and your unconditional love.

We are grateful for the promises you have made with us, your children. You are our rock and firm foundation. We will not be shaken. We will not fear bad news, for we trust you in all things, God. Give us pure hearts, strong hearts, no matter what circumstances chase us today. May we be remembered for continuing a legacy of faith and hope and love. May we see the sufferings of others and be generous to help them.

We thank you that our strength is in our trust in you, our Father.

In Jesus’ name.


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