God. Abba. Father.

Hallelujah! We praise you today and sing with all our hearts. Anytime we meet with other believers we will be quick to give you thanks!

Your works, Lord, are stunning and beautiful. When we see the giggling smile of a child, we are filled with joy. When we see stunning sunrises, or the elegance in the fine details of a flower, we are in awe. You are our God. You are our creator. Everything you do is glorious and majestic!

You are compassionate, kind, loving and the author of grace. You give us everything we have and everything we need. You give us more than enough! Thank you.

You keep your promises to us and to the nations around the globe. You are faithful to us. We can trust you every day. You are the one constant in our fractured lives. Your ways are just and true. You lead us to take the right path.

You have provided a way to eternal life. Your Son, our savior, Jesus, has paid the ransom for us. You have redeemed us from the pit of guilt and shame. You have lifted our heads so that we may smile with joy again. Thank you.

We are in awe of everything about you God. We respect you. We honor you. We worship you. We thank you for the wisdom and understanding that we receive as we follow you.

You have blessed us with life! Again, we sing Hallelujah!

In Jesus’ name.


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