God. Abba. Father.

With all our hearts, we praise you today. From deep within our souls, we offer only thanksgiving to you, the great I Am. For you have blessed us far beyond what we deserve or even expect. You have forgiven our every sin. You ultimately heal every disease. Yes, through the grace of Jesus you have redeemed our very lives from being separated from you, oh God. You surround us with goodness and love. You have renewed our very bodies to be as that of a young and vibrant soul – like an eagle that soars majestically high above the earth.

You make everything right. You work for justice for all. Yes, in your mysterious ways, all who are guilty or those who have been mistreated are declared innocent. You are kind and patient. Your love never fails.

You are compassionate to all. You are slow to anger. You are rich in love — which you give freely to all of us. Yet if we were to honestly look at our own actions, our own sin, we would say your love is unmerited. But you don’t see our sin. Thanks to the action of Jesus on the cross, you do not pay us back for our wrongs. No, you have a great love for those who worship you. You have even removed our sins as far as the sunrise is from the sunset.

Oh, Lord. You have great compassion for us — such love as a father or mother has for their very own children. You know everything about us. You know our hearts, our desires, our thoughts, and our motives. And you still love us! We know that in the scope of all eternity, our time on earth is but a vapor, like that of a flower which blooms for just a few days. Even still, you are always kind to us. And you will keep your promises to us and to our children and to our children’s children.

Your throne is firmly established! You rule both heaven and earth. You are our great King! So, we join with the angels and praise your holy name! With our hearts we praise you. With our lips we praise you. We lift our hands to honor you and the unconditional love you have for us. Yes, with all that we are we praise your name!

And we thank you for Jesus!


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