God. Abba. Father.

We cry out to you today. Turn your ear to our voices and hear our prayers. There are some days when we are weak beyond weak, when our bodies, spirits, and hearts are broken. We sometimes feel like we are on the verge of withering away. We hurt.

When those days occur, help us to remember that you are still sovereign. You are our great King! You always have been. You always will be. And we can trust in your perfect timing. Your word says you will arise and show us your great compassion. And indeed, at that moment when Jesus sat up from that cold slab in the tomb, you showed us your great and unending grace and mercy. We worship you today knowing that you will continue to show us how much you love us. You will show us your favor and your glory! Thank you.

Thank you for ordaining future generations to praise you as we praise you today. For you have rescued us! Yes, you have set each one of us free from those things that hold us back. You have given us sight to see your beauty and how you make all things new. You have healed our broken hearts. No matter our age nor our circumstances in life, you continue to bring us freedom, sight, and healing. Thank you.

For you are the One True God. You set the cornerstone on earth. You are the same, you remain true through all generations. We thank you for keeping your promises. Our sons and daughters will be at home with you, as we are.

All because Jesus sat up from that cold slab in the tomb! Rise in our hearts today, Jesus. Rise again.

Thank you!

We love you.


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