God. Abba. Father.

We sing a new song to you today, for it is a new day! We can begin afresh once again. Thank you! Today’s dawn is a new miracle, just one of billions and trillions you will perform in the next few hours. We praise you for the many victories you will give to your children today. You set the world right. You will save us. You are faithful. You love all your people, with a special fondness for the people of Israel and those who worship you in spirit and in truth throughout the world.

So, we shout for joy! We sing songs! We hum hymns! We celebrate with music and instruments! Why? Because you are the One True God!

Even the ocean and its rhythmic waves crashing on the shoreline, proclaim your goodness. Even the rivers with rapids that sparkle like diamonds, display your brilliance in deafening roars. Even the mountains, tall and majestic, declare your eminence. The world, your creation, calls to the Creator in worship and adoration. You are the judge. You bring peace. You bring reconciliation. You are our King!

We bow before you only because of Jesus.


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