God. Abba. Father.

You are the Most High God. You are the only ruler on earth. You alone are worthy. From the highest mountain top of Everest to the Dead Sea in the Zin Wilderness, the lowest place on earth, or to the depths of the cavernous oceans, you are worthy to be praised. We bless your name!

Lord, we thank you for our salvation and pray for those who do not worship you. Send your Holy Spirit to chase them down, to bring them to their knees before you. May we all bow in holy reverence for who you are and what you have done. You make the way straight. You make the rocky paths smooth. You part the waters that would easily engulf us. When we find ourselves suffocating by the weight of stress and anxiety, you remove our burdens and give us the fresh air of your compassion and love.

We thank you for the stories of old, the examples of those who chose to rebel against you. May we learn from them. We thank you that since those days, however, you have given us grace. Yes, through your son, Jesus, you have shown us the one way. You are the only truth. You are the abundant and eternal life for all men and all women.

We need you. Hear our prayers. Please, don’t be silent. Defend us as we pursue your revelation. And we pray for the peace of your children in Israel. Confuse those who would choose to bring havoc on the Promised Land of your people. Strengthen those who follow as you lead. Give us all courage and hope for tomorrow.

In the name of our Messiah, Jesus, we pray.


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