God. Abba. Father.

We sing for joy to you today! We play music and instruments in our praise. Indeed, Lord, you have established a decree that we are to worship you. And we do so, with great revelry!

We thank you for removing from us the burdens of worry and the yoke of slavery. We thank you for rescuing us and for answering our prayers. We ask that you forgive us from the sin of idolatry, from putting anything above you or in front of you, God. We worship you, the One True God.

We ask that you might defeat those things that defeat us — worry, anxiety, fear, stubbornness, pride, arrogance — or even those outside forces of the enemy like jealousy and oppression. Turn your hand against our foes, especially, the evil one. Please, don’t let us be tempted.

Thank you that your ways are just and true. And to the believer, you promise we will enjoy the sweetness of life and be fed the finest of bread by the Bread of Life, Jesus.

And it’s in His name we pray.


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