God. Abba. Father.

We are humbled by your great grace today, oh King. Thank you for your mercy, compassion, and unfailing love. You have washed away all our sin. Even the most offensive sin, which is all sin, you have thoroughly erased. We are undeserving of such forgiveness. From deep in our heart we offer our gratitude and praise.

Even when we have committed such acts of evil against each other, it is truly against you that we have sinned. For you are the neighbor, the friend, the family member, the classmate, the co-worker whom we have offended. We know that we were born sinners. You are the One we have wronged. So, we ask you to forgive us, conceive a new, true life deep within our souls. Cleanse us, wash the filth off us so that we are whiter than freshly fallen snow. You have created a clean heart in us.

Indeed, thank you for your complete leniency given to us because Jesus took on our sins at the cross. We rejoice that you have made a fresh start in us. Yes, you have put a new wind in our sails and breeze on our faces. Our feet dance and our hearts are filled with great joy for you have given us your Holy Spirit.

Lord, help us to speak and to teach others of your love and generosity. We know that the only thing you require is repentance — not offerings, not sacrifices, not going through the motions nor striving for perfection. We give you our broken and contrite hearts, confident that you will forgive us and not despise us. You will continue to refresh our Spirits.

Thank you for honoring Jerusalem. We pray now for peace in your holy city, from Mount Zion to the Mount of Olives. May your Kingdom come to Israel, to the United States, to everywhere across the globe, as it is in heaven.

May you be delighted in our praise and in our prayer today, humbly given in the name of Jesus, our Savior.


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